On Thursday, March 2, 2017, the Brieant Youth Alliance (BYA), a non-profit organization in Westchester, sponsored a Madri Gras Gala, a night of fun, joy and inspiration. This gala is a crucial source of funding for the development of unique educational programs that are provided to children of diverse ethnic backgrounds in the elementary, middle and high schools and incarcerated youth in Westchester County, New York, free of charge.

In recognition and with gratitude, we honored United Parcel Services (UPS), for their support of the Brieant Youth Alliance’s mission and recognition of their support for the Youth at Risk Program.  This program is a mentoring program for youth-at-risk youth between the ages of eight and sixteen who are in the juvenile criminal justice system helping them to experience the meaning of leadership, community, integrity, kindness and teamwork and the positive impact that a positive role model can have on their life.

The Youth at Risk Program was founded by the late Judge Charles L. Brieant, a former Chief Judge of the United States Court of the Southern District of New York along with Norman Fulton, Executive Director Emeritus, in recognition of their love and admiration of children. We were privileged to honor Norman Fulton tonight who worked tirelessly to continue its mission.  Norman recognized the importance of mentoring children who were incarcerated, or at risk of becoming part of the juvenile justice system.

The gala was held at Westchester Hills Golf Club, 401 Ridgeway in White Plains.  It was a very special and festive evening with a lot of fun activities, tarot card reader, magicians and silent auction.