Partners in educating children about the Hudson River
Ossining High School and The Brieant Youth Alliance


We envision that The Brieant Youth Alliance and the Ossining High School partner to provide students in their sophomore and junior year with a year-long expeditionary learning based program. The program is a long-term, in-depth investigation of a topic that engages students through authentic projects, fieldwork and service. It is an exciting opportunity to learn through learning expeditions to respect history, the eco-system and the importance of the Hudson River in their lives. It is also an opportunity to develop leadership and partnership skills and to grow personally through their experiences.


When students complete this year long program they will have in-depth knowledge of the history and importance of the Hudson River and how it is effected the growth and development of communities along the river that they live in. In addition, they will have been able to:

  • Increase their confidence and poise to communicate with teachers and their peers
  • Create a team environment that supportive, productive and fun
  • Inspire themselves and others to reach – and exceed – their potential
  • Make a valuable contribution to the team’s success
  • Keep from freezing out their peers
  • Gain respect from teachers and their peers


The expeditions in HUDSON PRIDE PROGRAM will cover the entire river starting at the Northern-most point and concluding at the Southern-most point. Expeditions will be scheduled as appropriate:

  1. Overnight camping trip to Lake Tear of the Clouds, the headwaters of the Hudson, located in the Adirondack Mountains
  2. West Point Military Academy: A trip to explore the historic institution on the banks of the Hudson River
  3. Whitewater rafting in North Hudson, New York, located north of Albany
  4. The Hudson River School Art Trail. A trip will be arranged to visit some of the important locations related to the Hudson River School of Art
  5. New York Harbor: A trip will be made to lower Manhattan where students will have the opportunity to view sights such as Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Freedom Tower


  1. Students will create a photo exhibit of the Ossining waterfront
  2. A small group of students will work with a local boat builder to build a skiff that will be used by Ossining High School students to further explore the Hudson
  3. Students will experience the Hudson by reviewing small boats: sail, canoe, kayak, etc.


Students will meet with Ossining High School Faculty throughout the school year and will maintain a journal throughout the year. This will be done by:

  1. Writing and reading assignments related to the history and the influence of the Hudson River to complete
  2. Every student will be expected to complete a final presentation summarizing what the experience meant to them personally, and, how they will continue their relationship with the Hudson River
  3. Every student will conclude the program by writing thank you notes to the Brian Youth Alliance explaining what the experience has meant to them


For the school year 2015 – 2016, forty students will be selected for the HUDSON PRIDE PROGRAM based on an interview with Ossining High School Faculty and the completion of an application that has been prepared by the Ossining High School Principal and the Program Leader.

CREDITS: Every student who completes the program will receive one independent study credit


Campbell, M., Liebowitz, M., Mednick, A., and Rugen, L. (1998) Guide for Planning a Learning Expedition, Kendall/Hunt, Dubuque, Iowa.


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