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The Brieant Youth Alliance is proud to provide services that are beneficial to the youth in the greater Ossining area and for at-risk youth in Westchester County. Through partnerships with the Greater Ossining Public Schools and surrounding communities, Communities that Care, Ossining Chamber of Commerce and a youth detention center, the Brieant Youth Alliance works with educators to identify programs that are most needed and then in collaboration with educational consultants develops and presents programs at no cost to the students or to the schools.



Hudson Pride Program

The Hudson Pride Program was launched in June 2014 in partnership with the Ossining High School, Ferry Sloops and the Shattemuc Yacht Club. The program is a yearlong expeditionary program that combines leadership, Hudson River exploration and study of the ecosystem into one class. It is a long-term, in-depth investigation of a topic designed to engage students through authentic projects, fieldwork and service. Additionally, it is an exciting opportunity to learn through expeditions to respect history, to see how the ecosystem works and understand the importance of the Hudson River in the lives of the students and their community.

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Peer Mediation Program


Peer mediation is both a program and a process where students of the same age-group facilitate disputes between two people or small groups. This program was designed to teach students how to resolve conflicts without stuffing and/or ignoring feelings or resorting to violence working towards a win-win resolution.


Children are taught to Identify the Problem, Resolve Conflicts Early, Share their Feelings, Listen Actively and with Compassion, Finding a Solution Together and Agreeing on a Plan of Action. Additional skill sets taught include checking their own behavior, soul searching and self-examination; all in an effort to visualize a successful and peaceful conversation. This helps students to develop their listening and critical thinking skills to understand and resolve conflict in their lives.


Students who successfully complete the program become the mediators to whom other students will turn to resolve differences. From our handbook, Students Resolving Conflict, one student is quoted as saying, “The thing I like about mediation is the kids would be angry at first. But then they talk it over, they seem happier about their choices and can learn to face them.”

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Career Exploration Program


Since its inception, this program has matched Mentor Volunteers of specific executives and career professionals with career expertise in various professions to speak with interested students. This program enables students to explore different career directions and learn job and life skills necessary for potential future careers. Students develop insight and tools to make informed and ethical career decisions. Through coaching and feedback students develop better self-esteem, create healthy relationships, improve their academics and personal relationships which all lead to making more positive life choices.

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The Life Long Leaders Program


The goal of a Leadership Program is to help young students be productive in school and work, to connect to the community and family and be able to navigate successfully in diverse environments. Over the years, the Brieant Youth Alliance has partnered with local schools, working with administrators, teachers, and educational consultants to create programs with a variety of high quality activities that will challenge the students and encourage them to take on leadership roles.


The Life Long Leaders Program, a 10 week fully funded Brieant Youth Alliance program, is designed to help young students to take a careful look at themselves and use this self-awareness to be productive contributors to their community. The program promotes positive self-esteem, embodies confidence and expands options for them to become strong leaders in the classroom and in their diverse communities by teaching and encouraging participants to feel good about who they are and what they can do.


Children are taught to develop a sense of their own talent, strengths and unique leadership abilities. They are taught empathy, vision, integrity and passion. They then take these newly developed skills and use them to become productive contributors to others. In the latter part of the program, the students use their new found understanding of leadership and skills they have learned to plan and implement a school or community project that they collectively decided upon at the beginning of the program. This program makes a priceless IMPACT on everyone.

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The Nutrition Program


Snacks are an important part of a young person’s diet and can provide a good portion of their calorie and nutrient needs for the day. Considering the less nutritious foods youth are exposed to during the day, the Brieant Youth Alliance set out to develop a program that would help students to make healthy life choices with a focus on promoting healthy eating. Through meaningful activities, children are introduced to a wide variety of healthy foods, choosing a healthy and active life style and encouraged to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy snacks. We believe good nutrition plays a vital role in physical and mental health.

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Youth At Risk Program

The Youth at Risk Program is a program designed to offer academic, personal development and conflict resolution opportunities to youths during incarceration in Westchester County. The facility provides short-term placement to court-involved male and female juveniles from Westchester County and throughout the Hudson Valley. Many of the youth placed at the detention center have histories of abuse and neglect, substance abuse, mental health challenges and special education needs.

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