Partners In Teaching Children Creativity And Leadership At The Ann M. Donner Middle Shcool


The Life Long Leaders Program is a Brieant Youth Alliance sponsored program that challenges and empowers today’s youth by providing them with the skills and motivation necessary to positively impact their own lives and the lives of those in their communities. This program is designed to help young children examine who they are and how to use this awareness to be productive contributors. The principals that underlie the program include:

  • Leaders are good communicators
  • Leaders are aware of and lead from their strengths
  • Leaders act in order to make a contribution to others

The Life Long Leaders Program is a ten week program with students and instructor meeting as planned by the Assistant Vice-Principal, The Brieant Youth Alliance Executive Director and selected vendor for one hour session after school every Tuesday. The program is action-packed and includes:

  • Interesting sessions on a variety of young children-related topics to help them discover their own leadership potential
  • Fun, interactive small-group sessions to help young children engage through effective communication and presentation skills
  • Lots of team-building and life-building activities that will help them to examine their communities and how they can contribute to them and others
  • Afternoon snacks to provide some energy after a long day at school
  • Closing program project – TBD with the selected vendor, program participants, Vice-Principal and the Executive Director of The Brieant Youth Alliance


Instructional components may include:

  • Leadership concepts – ethics, roles of leaders and followers, group facilitation
  • Bias awareness, diversity issues and stereotyping
  • Goal setting and setting priorities
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

They gain self-awareness, confidence, stronger communication and leadership skills, and begin to develop life-long friendships. Students become more open-minded, motivated, and inspired to give back to their family, school and community.

When students leave The Life Long Leaders Program, they have a focus and a vision for their future years in the middle school and high school as they are more energized to become involved in their schools and communities and are more tolerant and accepting of those around them.


The Life Long Leaders Program is for students in the grades 6th – 8th who are selected by the Principal, Vice Principal and Guidance Counselors of the Anne M. Donner Middle School based on grades and who they think may have leadership potential but haven’t yet stepped up to any leadership role. Students who believe they have no leadership potential and are least likely to stand in the limelight are also included.

During the course of the program, we get these young children to think about what kind of leader they are and if they are leading by positive or negative example. They find themselves in a warm and accepting environment where their ideas and values are listened to without judgment… a novel experience for many of them.


To be determined when the students are selected and program and project are decided upon.


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