Educating our Youth to Eat Right


Nutrition education needs to be part of a young person’s curriculum in schools. Programs need to not only teach students the facts about nutrition, but also teach students how to cook healthy and nutritious food.

In our last Leadership program the student’s project was to meet with cafeteria management and suggest new foods for lunch. They accomplished their goals by researching the nutritional value of foods they eat in school and revised several items on the menu. Given the opportunity and information students will make the right decision especially with the integration of family nutritional education and involvement as well as community participation.


  • Improved overall health
  • Better school performance and behavior
  • Increased fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Reduced sweetened beverage consumption
  • More physical activity to promote proper growth and development
  • Improved dietary habits and food choices
  • Creation of healthy dishes to teach students about food and nutrition
  • Fun learning about making healthier choices


The program is adapted and implemented for the elementary, middle school and high school based on interest and needs all with the support of principals, teachers, and school nutritionists.


Through discussions with school administrators, the development of the budget will depend on the scope, length of the program and grade levels involved.


  1. Team building exercises that promote critical thinking around activities that students think are relevant and interest them and allow them to be involved in the food planning process
  2. Planned education surrounding the importance of physical activity for good health
  3. Incorporate activities around skill building in the areas of consumer literacy, meal planning, cooking and food shopping
  4. Involvement in the community activities that support healthy eating and physical activity

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