As we take a moment to celebrate the holidays and a new year, the Charles L. Brieant Center Board of Directors and I want to wish you and your families a holiday filled with joy and happiness and a new year filled with peace. This year has been extraordinary for our organization. We have been able to fund and support many educational programs for the Ossining schools and the Woodfield Detention Center, and held successful fundraising events to make these programs possible. In this newsletter, you will read about the accomplishments of this past year and plans for 2015. We look forward to another year of continued support for these programs and a year filled with happiness, hope, and joy. We want to thank everyone for their support and generosity with donating time and contributions to make these programs possible. We could not have done it without the support of all of you. Some say the act of giving cultivates generosity in all aspects of your life. Make your offerings thoughtful, inspiring a happy and abundant new year for you and yours. So please stay in touch with us or reconnect at We are looking forward to another great year in 2015. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!