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We work with local educators and school administrators to provide unique educational programs to children, teens and at risk-youth in Westchester that are impactful and empower them to learn, grow and recognize their talents.

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Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for the Brieant Youth Alliance to provide students with unique programs and learning opportunities. Please support our cause.

Our Youth Deserve the Best

Our programs are focused on creative identity and bringing out the best in every child and young adults. Through the Brieant Youth Alliance sponsored extracurricular programs, students learn to appreciate their peers, teachers, friends, family, community and their accomplishments.

BYA 8th Annual Golf Outing

Our 8th Annual Golf Outing will be September 27th, 2022!

Every Little Bit Helps

That’s why we rely on the donations of time and services.

The Brieant Youth Alliance wants to make as big an impact as possible on our youth. The best way to do so is to ensure that as much of your generous donations are put to fulfilling our mission—and not on infrastructure. That’s why we rely on the donations of services and utilities. That way, your donation is virtually all going towards our programs and directly effecting our youth.


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Our Strategic Plan

The Brieant Youth Alliance (previously known as The Charles L. Brieant Center, or CBC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is devoted solely to developing the leader in every child and teen. Our vision is to promote and support this development by providing unique educational programs to children and teens of diverse ethnic backgrounds and income levels that are impactful and empower and allow them to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.
Our mission is to educate children and teens to discover and maximize their unique leadership potential and help them to learn and embrace diversity and equality of everyone and ensure that they give back to their schools and community. This is accomplished by providing high quality unique educational programs to young students that allow them to learn to recognize their talents and understand the contributions they can make to their schools, communities, families and friends. These programs are free of charge and that where there are budget gaps in local schools we not only provide the funds, but the staff to run the programs. We will continue to develop active partnerships within the communities to raise money through fundraising, grants and donations and to share our expertise and experiences.
Our primary focus through the programs that we support is to provide all children from diverse backgrounds with different languages and cultures who live within the Hudson River towns and surrounding communities and youth at risk within Westchester County the same learning opportunities. To date, we have served aver 1,900 children with a cost per child of approximately $3.10 per child. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we can service these children with quality programs for little or no cost to the schools.
The Brieant Youth Alliance supports several distinctive educational programs throughout the year. Through these programs our mission is to ensure that these young students learn the importance of giving back to bring about change. We do this by guaranteeing that our non-profit organization is able to give 90% of every dollar raised to the programs that we support. This is accomplished by partnerships and support of the communities, corporations, individuals and volunteers. Learn more about our programs.


The Brieant Youth Alliance is dedicated to:

Visionary Leadership

Integrity and Transparency

Openness, Inclusiveness, and Collaboration

Excellence and Innovation

What people are saying about the Brieant Youth Alliance

Saturday was a great time! It was a long, cold day, but the kids had a wonderful time. Most of them had never been to the Academy before, let alone see a college football game. It was great for them to interact with the cadets, too. It gave them a first hand account and perspective into their research that you just can’t get from textbooks! They got a similar experience out of seeing all of the statues and armaments at Trophy Point. I also think that seeing the Cadet Review, with all of its pomp and circumstance, helped them understand that the USMA is not your typical college campus. Thought I wasn’t on the tour, I did hear that it wasn’t much more than I, or any other OHS history teacher, could provide. In fact, Charlie Brieant provided a wealth of knowledge about his ancestors capturing Benedict Arnold in Tarrytown. It’s a great story; you need to hear him tell it. Maybe we will forgo the “official” tour next year and Charlie and I will just lead the kids. It’ll save money and be equally as effective. Thanks again for everything you and the Brieant Center do for us. We are fortunate to have your support.
Gregg Ninos

History Teacher, Ossining High School

Norm Fulton built this from an idea conceived by my father into a vibrant entity—from mere paper, to people, to programs, in only a handful of years. The people Norman recruited make enormous contributions of time and talent. Our partnership with school leaders continues to grow as our leadership and career programs thrive, and our involvement with Hudson Pride Program expands. We have increased our services to incarcerated youth through the involvement of a new board member. Our supporters in the community, particularly members of the O’Rourke family, and of the Judge’s extended judicial family, continue to make this possible. My hat is off to you all. The alliance was built by one great man in the name another.
Charles Brieant III (Son of Judge Brieant)

Interim President, The Brieant Youth Alliance

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I write to support the programs of The [Brieant Youth Alliance], which are meant to supplement the educational experience of our students, and seem devised, in addition, to address issues we find crucial to the maturation of our youth.

The development of the skills you’re working to build in our young people will lead children to produce and live in a richer society, healthier in mind as well as body.

William R. Hanauer

Mayor, Village of Ossining

On behalf of the students of the Ossining School District and the Board of Education, I express our gratitude for your generous offer to support our students. You certainly have my complete support and enthusiasm. I look forward to a most positive partnership.
Phyllis Glassman

Superintendent of Schools, Ossining Union Free School District

Thank you so much for making our two field trips possible! I really enjoyed myself at the West Point game and learned a lot of interesting factoids about cadet life. It is extremely kind of you to sponsor us, thus allowing students to do things we may have never gotten the opportunity to do. We really appreciate your generosity and all of these new learning experiences.
Melissa T.